The Spring and Summer Fashion Week


PROJECTThe Spring and Summer Fashion Week


SERVICEActivity design 活动设计

DATE 2019-02





结合活动主题“万物生”和 “源本”,我们提取了相关的图形元素(植物、气体、细胞、眼睛、材质等等)元素作为视觉图形基础,将元素抽象化表达,构造一幅迷幻且真实的春夏万物图。在字体的设计方面,将万物生的文字拼音化(WWS),结合以服装的材质为底纹,将无形的灵感转化成有形的设计。
The Spring and Summer Fashion Week, themed on "WWS (standing for "growing of all things on earth")" and launched in 2016, held in Wangfujing Shopping Center has lasted for four years.
With the development of the times, users hold more emotional expectations on shopping centers besides their daily needs, thus, the topic that how to make the brand be more distinctive to achieve user engagement has become the focus of research and practice of different shopping centers.
In view of this, the Spring and Summer Fashion Week means more than an event. It is more of an occasion for brands to exchange with users.
After communication and discussion of earlier stage, we hope that we can get rid of the original mode and enable the visual effect to be diverse and cover all things on earth.
In combination with the theme of "WWS" and "Origin", the related graphic elements (plants, gas, cells, eyes, materials, etc.) are extracted and used as the basics of visual graphics. By the abstraction of these elements, a fantastic and real picture of all things growing in spring and summer is created. In terms of the fonts, the Chinese phonetic alphabets "WWS" is used and the material of clothing is used as the shade, by which our inspiration is visualized.