Expressed by Paktin


PROJECTExpressed by Paktin


SERVICEBrand design 品牌设计

DATE 2019-01


说起[朴田],成都的年轻人应该都有所耳闻,它在大家心中的印象就是一个个的标签#网红店、#永远在排队、#泰式海鲜火锅、#装修精致、#严格品质把控、#每家店都有特色 等等。



Paktin is a familiar name among the young people of Chengdu, evidenced by the fact that it has been tagged for a lot of features: #online influencer restaurant, #forever long lines, #Thai style seafood hotpot, #delicate decorations, #strict quality control, and #every restaurant is with unique charms, etc.
Actually, we had gained an understanding of Paktin before it approached us for completely upgrading its brand image.
Upon delving into in-depth discussions with the team of Paktin, we narrowed down to multiple keywords for the brand visual image upgrading: [nature], [gentle], [fresh], [illusion], and [attitude].
From there, we decided to forfeit the logo graphics of Paktin’s original design, and the initial “P” got enlarged into the core with the elements of plants, which highlight the softness of “P” letter and ensure an instant identification. Meanwhile, a special English font was adopted in the design to be integrated with the Chinese font.
Two sets of illustrations were designed to meet the varied demands of different plate materials. Specifically, one set represents the general key of the brand to #sql_show#case a surreal dreamy aura, and seafood hotpot is deemed as a dreamland in which the common space of men, creatures, and plants gets mysteriously transformed into a Paktin world, which is applied to a lot of dining systems and publicity systems.
Another set of sketches are integrated with plant elements that are applied to the office environment of Paktin, whose professionalism and aesthetics get enhanced as a result.